Privacy Training & Workshops

Why does your company need privacy training? Because companies have a duty to keep their clients’ private information private. This includes only using it in the way you’ve promised, not disclosing it without permission, and destroying it at the appropriate time. Privacy training and policies will ensure that your organization does just that.

The CCPA requires privacy training as part of compliance efforts. DOWNLOAD A COPY OF OUR CCPA CURRICULUM

CCPA Training Requirement – Section 1798.130(a)(6) Compliance

Ensure that all individuals responsible for handling consumer inquiries about the business’s privacy practices or the business’s compliance with this title are informed of all requirements in Sections 1798.110, 1798.115, 1798.125, and this section, and how to direct consumers to exercise their rights under those sections.

All individuals responsible for handling consumer inquiries about privacy practices, The goal is to ensure that consumer inquiries are handled appropriately. If customer service representatives are answering questions about the company’s privacy practices they need to be familiar with core sections of the CCPA. Who Is Trained?

Our Interactive Training Courses

Our privacy training courses are interactive.  All students and sponsoring company receive a certificate of completion signed by a Certified Information Privacy Manager.

CCPA Overview This training provides employees with a better explanation of the CCPA. Students learn how to develop and enforce the policies and procedures needed by your organization to comply with the law.

Customized Privacy Training includes incorporating details of your organization’s data privacy policies and procedures and nuanced requirements for teams who regularly handle sensitive data such as developers, application owners, data owners, and database administrators.

What you will learn

  • Understand the key requirements of the CCPA
  • Learn how to identify personal information under the CCPA
  • Learn the rights that consumers have and how to direct consumers to exercise their rights
  • Understand the business’s responsibilities when collecting and transferring personal information


  • What rights does the CCPA grant consumers?
  • Meeting compliance requirements
  • Penalties and enforcement
  • Current trends
  • CCPA and the U.S. privacy landscape