100 Day Plans

The first 30 days are focused on embedding your program’s burning imperative, information gathering, understanding policies and processes, setting team expectations, meeting with Key Stakeholders and setting the stage for the next 70 days. A Steering Committee is formed to support any restructuring and help prioritize plan objectives.

The next 30 days involve the Director of RIM/IG or your designated leader working with the Steering Committee to review and revise the policies (Retention, Legal Hold, Destruction, Audit, Data Classification) that most impact the program. A staffing recommendation is presented to senior management. Job descriptions and project assignments drafted.  Relationship building continues.  A workload assessment begins.

Days 61-90 include team huddles to outline organizational restructuring and prepare the 3 year roadmap. Changes to proposed policies and priorities are finalized by the Steering Committee. Updates to the program intranet site and policies begin getting published.

In the last 10 days of this plan, policy recommendations are approved by the Steering Committee. Organizational realignment and restructuring (if necessary) is formally announced and coincides with a rebranded program intranet site and toolset. Roadmap for first year begins.