Blockchain For The Common Good

Mar 16, 2021

The following excerpt is based on the book Tomorrow’s Jobs Today, available at fine booksellers from John Hunt Publishers.

Mainstream Interviews with business leaders are generally puff pieces designed to amplify the subject’s success or advertise the company’s product. How boring! We went a different route with Tomorrow’s Jobs Today. We drilled down to discover exactly what made dozens of accomplished and forward-thinking industry leaders and innovators brave enough to harness the very technology that was disrupting their own field- and possibly eliminating their very own job. Their shared perspectives and experiences are so real, so inspiring, that when you read them, you begin to realize you can use the same tricks to start-up your own life.

Old economic models have failed because they look at the ability to help people out of poverty separate from enabling people in poverty to take part in the supply chain.

Ashish Gadnis of BanQu

Chapter 1 of Tomorrow’s Jobs Today is an interview with Ashish Gadnis, a recognized visionary in the burgeoning blockchain community. He chairs the Financial Inclusion Working Committee for the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance and travels the world, explaining how this revolutionary new technology is transforming the way we contemplate supply chain economics.

The following excerpt is from Tomorrow’s Jobs Today.

From the interview

Q: Asish, everything you’re telling me about Blockchain makes it seem like the ideal career track for those who want to use their education to advance a good cause. What is your advice for a young person just starting their journey? How do they even begin to think about getting into something like blockchain?

A: For one, you’ll probably have to fail a million times. That’s the easiest answer. But from a career standpoint, I would definitely get into computer science or some technology stack. The big five – the internet of things, blockchain, big data, artificial and quantum computing. Those five technologies will transform every aspect of our lives, good or bad. If you want to start the next charity or the next big thing, you’d better be knowledgeable about these areas because although you might end up being a brain surgeon, you’re still probably going to need to understand one of these five. That would be number one.

Number two would be just jump in, get a good startup going, and be willing to fail. Only have an expectation that you’ll fail. A lot of young people make the mistake of joining a large company just for a safety net or join a startup because they want to make a million dollars overnight. Both of those motivations can result in the wrong approaches to success, in my mind.

In my opinion, if you’re in your 20’s until you’re 35, you’ve got to say, “I’m going to live in eight different countries, fail 15 different times and be completely broke.” But then, after that, you might just have a much better chance of hitting it big.

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