Archives: Turning Collective Wisdom into Strength

Apr 28, 2021

The following excerpt is based on the book Tomorrow’s Jobs Today, available at fine booksellers from John Hunt Publishers.

Mainstream Interviews with business leaders are generally puff pieces designed to amplify the subject’s success or advertise the company’s product. How boring! We went a different route. We drilled down to discover exactly what made dozens of accomplished and forward-thinking industry leaders and innovators brave enough to harness the very technology that was disrupting their own field- and possibly eliminating their very own job. Their shared perspectives and experiences are so real, so inspiring, that when you read them, you begin to realize you can use the same tricks to start-up your own life. One of the perspectives we loved learning about in our book was that of Andrea Kalas, an archives expert and the SVP of Asset Management at Paramount Pictures.

“If there’s one thing I admire the most among the younger members of our field, it is their dedication to recognizing the path that is the worthiest… to their colleagues, to the collections, to the world they work and live in.

Andrea Kalas of Paramount Pictures
If there’s one thing I admire most among younger members in archives, it's their dedication to recognizing the path that is the worthiest.

From the interview

What guidance would you give a person just beginning their career in library science, archiving, and data governance or thinking about a career transition?

I have a very tired joke about what it takes to work in the Paramount Archives. Study Sunset Boulevard as hard as you study Unix. The point is to start with the collection and the work you have in front of you. Find what it is about it that is fascinating. Is it silent films from India? Is it how systems can work together better because you see connections others don’t? My too-often repeated piece of advice is to make sure this is the field you want to work in because of the people working in it. I’ve been able to meet some fair-minded, innovative people who think a little like me. Many are long-time friends. I’m grateful for that.

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