Less is More when it comes to Cybersecurity

To be strategically selective with our words, our actions and our expectations runs contrary to the human nature of a large segment of the workforce and consumers. It’s also what makes you stand out.

Here’s a loaded question 👉 How, after YEARS of strict privacy regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, COPPA, PIPEDA, and strides in data protection technology, are our companies and institutions even LESS PROTECTED and MORE VULNERABLE? 🤦‍♀️

Despite dedicated IT leadership, exploding data security budgets, and executive awareness, public and private sectors are still badly losing the #cybersecurity war.

We know it’s unreasonable to expect to insulate ourselves from ALL threats, but how we’re fighting back today isn’t working. Our talent and tools are awesome but not fixing our problem. Why⁉

👉Because the “quiet part” of the problem we can’t say out loud takes courage to admit. For many, the solution isn’t more people, more processes, or more technology. It’s LESS.

❌LESS sprawling system inventories of applications we don’t use
❌LESS duplicative and unnecessary policies we don’t enforce
❌LESS unrestrained project management and cooks in our kitchens
❌LESS consultants who don’t give a hoot about getting us to the finish line

Embracing complexity instead of aiming for simplicity is frustrating the hell out of our workforces and our consumers, making business strategies riskier and the customer experience burdensome. Leaders need COURAGE. The courage to Just Say No.

At CAPP, we believe in treating causes, not symptoms, and having the courage to encourage our clients to do the same. It’s time to start having the difficult conversations we need to protect our data rather than swinging at pitches that are well outside our strike zone.

Visit us at www.getcapp.com to learn more about our “less is more” approach and begin the process of turning waves of regulations into oceans of opportunity.

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