Informatics: Diagnosing the Healing Power of Informatics

The following excerpt is based on the book Tomorrow’s Jobs Today, available at fine booksellers from John Hunt Publishers.

Mainstream Interviews with business leaders are generally puff pieces designed to amplify the subject’s success or advertise the company’s product. How boring! We went a different route. We drilled down to discover exactly what made dozens of accomplished and forward-thinking industry leaders and innovators brave enough to harness the very technology that was disrupting their own field. Their shared perspectives and experiences are so real, so inspiring, that when you read them, you begin to realize you can use the same tricks to start-up your own life. One of them was Dr. Katrina-Miller Parrish, a doctor and informatics specialist in Los Angeles.

The minute the patient walks in the door, you’ve got to let them tell their story. You can’t assume by looking at a person or looking at the data that you know what’s going on.

Dr. Katrina Miller Parrish of LA Care

Health informatics
Health Informatics Professional Career Matrix.

From the interview

Katrina, what exactly made you choose the field of Informatics?

I went into Informatics because I liked the combination of clinical with data and with business. I think it’s part of being a family physician. I like being able to have my hands in a lot of things and understanding a lot about data, which is the informatics side. I like having that variety. When I was doing family medicine, I felt like I could do way more than taking care of one person at a time. I loved my patients, and we had great relationships. I learned a lot, they learned a lot, but I really love population health because I can make an impact on millions of people with huge programs that can not only affect a community in Los Angeles but conceivably far beyond that.

To read more about incredible careers like Dr. Katrina Miller’s and change your life in the information age, buy the book today!

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