Make Data Privacy & Protection the essential ingredients in your company's compliance formula.

Compliance & Privacy Partners helps you build and maintain data privacy and information governance programs that ensure regulatory compliance, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience.

Data privacy compliance can be complex and costly, but failing to effectively address gaps in your governance program creates unacceptable risks for your organization.

Our trained Certified Information Privacy Managers (CIPM’s) possess deep expertise and real-world know-how in managing privacy compliance programs for diverse companies across industries and geographies. We’ll work closely with you to implement sustainable privacy strategies that both comply with local and global regulations and also enhance the customer experience.

CAPP's strategies are designed by Certified Information Management Professionals who align your specific corporate compliance framework with industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

Knowing your data

Privacy compliance starts with understanding what data you retain and what you do with it. We help organizations efficiently complete their data mapping exercises to visually understand what personal information is collected, how it’s stored, how it’s accessed, and to whom it’s made accessible or shared.

Responding to consumer requests

We help you set up consumer-facing and backend systems to properly verify and process data subject requests to access, delete, or correct info and help a consumer opt-out of the collection or sale of their information.

Updating policies and procedures

Privacy policies must be updated regularly. We make sure your data collection forms and disclosures accurately describe your data collection processes and comply with regulations. We help you to use plain language and alert customers of any updates.

Working with your data processing vendors

Ensuring vendors and business partners are working towards compliance is critical. We help you identify and update vendor contracts and responsibilities and limit your organization’s exposure in the event of non-compliance.

Providing education and training

We help you train consumer-facing staff so they are prepared to inform customers about how the company is complying with regulations like the CCPA and in processing requests. Compliance, legal, IT, operations, and marketing teams should all be aware of how compliance with privacy law works around the organization.

Monitoring and compliance

Establishing governance with clearly defined roles and responsibilities within your organizations is key to sustaining compliance. We help organizations like yours formalize their compliance programs and perform privacy impact assessments.

How to comply with laws like California’s Consumer Data Privacy Rights Acts and Canada’s upcoming Consumer Privacy Protection Act

Our clients understand that data privacy is essential to the customer experience.

  • Regulations governing the collection and use of consumer’s personal information needn’t be burdensome. In fact, they protect your organization and can even help to reduce operating expenses. They can identify valuable governance opportunities to avoid fines and litigation.
  • A company that engrains privacy in its culture is more likely to foster trust internally and enhance customer experiences.
  • Our data privacy and governance solutions are designed to help organizations build their privacy programs, assess, manage, and remediate risk, and demonstrate sustainable compliance. We design and support a range of data privacy management projects, including privacy impact assessments and benchmarking, data subject fulfillment workflows, PI inventory management and data mapping, vendor assessments, policy and procedure adherence, file analysis, and records retention enforcement.

Take charge of your information governance challenges. Contact us today for a free consultation about your obligations under the California Consumer Privacy Act and Canadian Consumer Privacy Protection Act.

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I had the chance to work with them on a number of complex IT infrastructure initiatives involving decommissioning, governance and records retention. They helped us identify, prioritize and execute on the various requirements we needed to satisfy our legal partners needs. They understand how to leverage Information Governance to bring stakeholders to the table and rally around common goals.

CIO, Smart City

I worked closely with them on our Records Management initiative. They had a very knowledgeable team advising us on best practices and common pitfalls regarding records management, and were easy to work with. They had a vision that matched what we wanted to see implemented, and the follow through to get things delivered.

CISO, Financial Group

I’m really pleased I’ve had the chance to get to know CAPP. They move projects forward with wisdom, pragmatism focus and ability. Their knowledge of the field is informed by a well trained and innovative minds. They're unafraid of digging in and solving problems with practical solutions. They keep pushing projects through weeks and months with planned actions and follow through and do it all with diplomacy and professionalism that makes everyone pleased to be working with them.

SVP Asset Management, Motion Picture Studio

They have amazing talent. Rarely do you come across a team with so many skills and the personality to convince people as well as execute the desired tasks.

President, Service Bureau

I have worked with them for many years and have always been impressed with his strategic approach to connecting business processes to technology. He is a great collaborator, project manager, and strategic thinker, and understands the challenges organizations face today in managing/leveraging their information assets. I highly recommend Rafael as an information governance and compliance expert.

Certified Records Manager and Fellow of ARMA International

They’re able to move projects forward with wisdom, pragmatism focus and ability. Rafael’s knowledge of the field is informed by a well trained and innovative mind. He is unafraid of digging in and solving problems with practical solutions. He keeps pushing projects through weeks and months with planned actions and follow through. He does this all with diplomacy and professionalism that makes everyone pleased to be working with him.

Archivist for a Major Hollywood Film Studio

A highly motivated team of records and information management professionals. Their understanding of and adherence to best practices combined with solid management skills are just two of the many reasons we chose them.

Director of Information Governance, Telecom

A very forward thinking, out of the box company and what they have done proves it. They brought in new cloud technologies to deploy content management within the enterprise and we praise him for taking a cloud approach to an organization that was mostly 1.0 until now.

Solutions Engineer, Software Company

An engaging and insightful group of thought leaders with the foresight to recommend and effect proactive measures to protect enterprise resources as well as mitigate risk.

General Counsel, Insurance Company

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